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  1. Domainoft

    Bo if your still around, I'm back...not sure if this server is what it was before I did my time...

    Bo if your still around, I'm back...not sure if this server is what it was before I did my time. I noticed pvp is everywhere now which will make things interesting.
  2. Domainoft

    Bug AH Item Switcharoo Bug

    I could try to reproduce it, but it would probably require you to take the market down, and re-add it....hopefully not something that is ever needed again. In the mean time ill get a bunch of shovels together and toss them up there see what happens...Or if a Mod could replace the diamond swords...
  3. Domainoft

    Bug AH Item Switcharoo Bug

    I was testing out the AH the first day you had it set up. I sold several things, mostly went well. I had put 18 Diamond Shovels with Eff IV I believe on the AH for 10 each, Getting a feel fro prices and how they would do. The AH was taken down and I wasn't able to check anything yesterday. Today...
  4. Domainoft

    Suggestion Capture the Flag

    Just a simple Idea, make two teams, both of them get to hide a banner on in per-agreed upon zone. Curious if it would interest anyone. This could be done on both the pve or pvp side of the map. I could see it being interesting either way. Although the PvE side would require an honor system to...
  5. Domainoft


    Mounds7 Welcome to L'Acadien I'll be on in 3 1/2 seconds to add you.
  6. Domainoft

    Slightly Impromptu Spleef Tourney - 6/7

    What happened who won?
  7. Domainoft

    Suggestion Global Market.

    I like it so far, seems like a great way to sell items that you have one of. Or don't mind posting often. Are you planning on keeping the current sign shops also. They seem better suited toward selling the same item over and over..Like Eff IV Unbr III Picks or Stacks of Eggs. Which would fill up...
  8. Domainoft

    Suggestion Global Market.

    Looks great. Will require lots of testing so we don't massively break the economy. Would be able to adapt the professions to only be able to sell there kind goods still. I like that part of your economy now.
  9. Domainoft

    WTS Advanced Crafting Materials + Christmas Items

    I don't think these do anything anymore. But as I was around to get them when they did. And I love collecting novel things. I'll match your asking price of 1500 souls for the lot.
  10. Domainoft

    Suggestion Townships 3.3 update discussion

    I agree with much of what Witch said, We should first decide what role and expectations we have of towns. Then look how well they are currently fulfilling these roles. And finally brainstorm ideas to make them better. From my standpoint I see towns as being a collective point for players. They...