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  1. vallad_centrius


  2. vallad_centrius

    Account and Email cleanup.

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  3. vallad_centrius

    Newerth Prime - New and Old Players Welcome [Closed Recruitment]

    IGN: vallad_centrius Age: 19 How long you have played Herocraft: 4 years Willing to use Discord: i'm already using it :D Combat Class: Main: Brawler (Berserker) but will switch to different classes when mastered Crafter Profession: Enchanter, but seeing as the town needs an Alchemist, i'm...
  4. vallad_centrius

    Drastikos - Promised Land of The Word of Helios and Melonmancy - The Pillars of Faith on Herocraft

    i would like to bring this up here for the town, i dont want to point fingers but, somebody stole some of my items in my chests in the room i temporarily live in, the thief took all the tokens and took a crafter catalyst i own, i dont know who it was and when he/she will strike again so i would...
  5. vallad_centrius

    Drastikos - Promised Land of The Word of Helios and Melonmancy - The Pillars of Faith on Herocraft

    Melonmancer Application Format: IGN: vallad_centrius How long you have played Herocraft: i only played for a year, but i joined herocraft 4 years ago (December 11, 2012) Willing to use Discord: Depends, Most Probably but not yet sure Combat Class: Dreadknight Level 5 Crafter Profession...
  6. vallad_centrius


  7. vallad_centrius

    Bible/come to Jesus

    - Just wanting to add - It Will Happen.., tensions are rising, especially in Asia
  8. vallad_centrius

    "Mysterious Minecraft Lag"

    err what i mean is i lag when herocraft gets to 40 or less players on.. but everything is smooth when there are 100+ players online.. i doubt its my connection, my internet speed is 8mb/s.. im in aus though
  9. vallad_centrius

    "Mysterious Minecraft Lag"

    nope, its not minecraft..i experience lag only in herocraft.. (delay lag).. its not one-time.. it will happen alot of times.. especially when the server gets to like 40 or less players on..
  10. vallad_centrius

    Bible/come to Jesus

    i am not trying to argue or prove anything, i am just posting what i honestly feel and think.. i dont want anyone to be pissed or anything.. sorry if i did though.. but really we cannot deny the fact that we are living, to die... well if you cannot accept Christianity.. cant you then just...