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    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    LITERALLY almost everything I believe about the server rn. PVP Is KEKED and done besides the two major forces that are a bleh. PVE is great, and the economy truly is fucked. I know this as someone who bought boosts [TWICE] and got a large amount of money, I felt it was genuinley unfair that I...
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    Suggestion ShadowKnight-Manafreeze/Dread Aura

    Don't get me wrong, Shadowknights a pretty comfy class with a nice position where it's at right now. However I've noticed that Manafreeze simply just stops targets mana from regening for a few seconds, and the target can simply pop an emerald to alleviate that. Why not possibly change...
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    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    What about the End? Will the End/End Portals become usable this map as well? What about allowing potions [With a limit] in combat?
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    Guide App:Super593

    Rebumping this now that I'm back.
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    Suggestion Monthly Check In -- why are players not staying?

    Honestly I think staff could benefit from some fresh faces too. I'd love to attempt to help with events myself, and I think it'd be really good if we tried seeing if anyone besides isaac who has applied for several positions already wants to be involved. If more people from the community...
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    Suggestion Monthly Check In -- why are players not staying?

    Look I'll be pretty blunt for a sec since LITERALLY everything I'd want to suggest has been said. I got camped and ganked just like most noobs who joined did. Does everyone forget its a HARDCORE server? I learned to sneak around and level while avoiding the high levels, people who just want an...
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    Design Contest?[PVE?:Event]

    Most events on this server as of lately appear to have been PVP based [The only thing I've seen the past few months is tourneys and some other small stuff or discounts]. What if we tried like experimenting a little with different types of events? Such as maybe a mob/boss design contest...
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    Minor Community Events

    Honestly. Ik most staff aren't around these days, but I personally wouldn't mind doing minor things, nor do I think some people who are actually around would. I mean I honestly ran a small riddle game in /o the day before, and everyone to be frank kinda liked it. I'll probably do mini things...
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    Minor Community Events

    Well besides the PVP tourney that's being offered, nothing seems to be going on right now that really helps preoccupy the players at the moment. What about /hunt ? Would it be possible to bring that back. What about minor things that pop up from time to time? Like small scale events that...
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    Herald App:Super593

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age:Super593/18 2. Position applying for: Herald 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?:4-5 Years 4. Timezone (please use GMT if out of US):EST 5. What are your areas of expertise?:I'm pretty good at advertising,generally getting the word out. I can handle talking with...