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  1. pasta14

    Bug Ender Pearls working in offhand for any class

    would like an reply on the case please @Ampayne2 @Kainzo
  2. pasta14

    Not a Bug Samurai wiki correction

    The wiki is very outdated I think it's the wiki from 2014 might have updated a few small things but not a lot still very outdated.
  3. pasta14

    Bug Ender Pearls working in offhand for any class

    so i found this exploit / glitch / bug where u can throw enderpearls as any class by with having the ender Pearls in your off hand i would be game breaking so i posted this as Quick as possalbe.
  4. pasta14

    Suggestion Elytra should be repairable by Blacksmith

    i Think they should be repairable.
  5. pasta14

    Suggestion Suggestions Remake

  6. pasta14


    In-Game-Name: pasta14 Age/TimeZone 15. i live in sweden (+1h) How Long Have You Played HeroCraft? i Think about 3 years What Are Your Classes/Professions? I'm a paladin and planning on being a miner but if there is Another profession the Town needs i'm all in. Do You Have The Festive Title? i'm...
  7. pasta14


    IGN:pasta14 Age: 15 Time zone: sweden (+1) What classes are you specializing into:dragoon Do you have or use Teamspeak? Are you able to use it even without using a Mic: i do not have teamspeak... :( How long have you been on HC:2 years i think Why do you want to join:cuz McDerpy12 was in this...
  8. pasta14

    [Hamlet] PvP - Flavia [16] (Limited Recruitment)

    this if my design for my tunnel system
  9. pasta14

    [Hamlet] PvP - Flavia [16] (Limited Recruitment)

    hey guys i think we all should give some money to phoenixso he can become a engineer... he masered crafter yesterday
  10. pasta14

    [Hamlet] PvP - Flavia [16] (Limited Recruitment)

    In Game Name(IGN):pasta14 Age(must be 15+):yes 15 Minecraft Exp:Great at pve completed game on UHC two times Herocraft Exp:i was on the old man 1/2 year ago but started from lost souls a week ago Spec or intended spec:Paladin and smith Current level: 21 Paladin 25 Smithing What do you like...