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  1. Byrozy

    Suggestion Few Reasons New Players Quit + Suggestions To Fix It

    I think its mainly the fact little people play, so maybe find a way of getting older players back on and increasing the number?
  2. Byrozy

    Two-Year Veteran Title

    I have received my two-year veteran achievement on the forums but haven't received an Ingame rank yet @Kainzo @Admins any help, please?
  3. Byrozy

    Ploútos (Land of wealth) Future Township

    @ZenZiggy This town has fallen
  4. Byrozy

    Amarith - The Frosthold

    You can use the template, IGN: Combat Class: Level: Profession Class: Level: Why do you want to join Amarith? What can you do to help Amarith?
  5. Byrozy

    ALERT Dungeons and Arenas coming FRIDAY! (02-24-17)

    @Kainzo what rewards do you get from the dungeons, Loot or money like the previous maps? It seems like it would bring more of a reason to pvp since not all people care about rankings
  6. Byrozy

    I'm actually 11 so.. shut the

    I'm actually 11 so.. shut the
  7. Byrozy

    @Templar_James So mean...im not 10 D:

    @Templar_James So mean...im not 10 D:
  8. Byrozy

    It's my birthday >:O

    It's my birthday >:O
  9. Byrozy

    The Super Ultra Mega Thread of What You Want + Herocraft RPG

    Here is a suggestion the server is lacking EU players and i think this issue can be resolved by simply having more events for EU players considering that most of the events the server holds at 1 to 3 AM for most of us EU players.
  10. Byrozy

    Suggestion Turn off pvp in the noob dungeon

    That would be a good way to stop more advanced players who know what they're doing from killing newbies. However new players might want to try and PvP other players without getting absolutely destroyed by the advanced players at diamond castle as diamond castle is where most of newbies go to to...