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  1. Arcan1x

    Rules Council Application: Arcan1x

  2. Arcan1x

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    It may actually be a bug, as my friend said the champion only had 100 health when we invaded.
  3. Arcan1x

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    As far as I know it's 1000, but the reason I'm saying it might need increased is I invaded someone's land and literally two shot their champion. It was probably unupgraded, but still.
  4. Arcan1x

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    For the kingdom plugin: The starting health for champions seems a bit low. Maybe it should be bumped up some? Can near insta kill an unupgraded one. Also, turrets do not work
  5. Arcan1x

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    Ranger codex (not sure about other codexes) can't be crafted, noone is trained to use anvils, and people who are max level still take exp from their party members while not gaining exp or percentage themselves.
  6. Arcan1x

    Balance Team App: Arcan1x

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: Arcan1x / 16 2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester): Tester 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: 4 years. 4. What's your favorite class/path?: My favorite classes are Necromancer, Paladin, and Wizard. 5. How often and in what timezone can...
  7. Arcan1x

    Rules Council Application: Arcan1x

    Minecraft IGN: Arcan1x Position applying for: Rules Council Age|Timezone: 16 l EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 4 years. Why do you think you would make a good Council Member?: I play a variety of classes and believe I can positively contribute to the Council by being fair, unbiased...
  8. Arcan1x

    Suggestion [General] Trial-A-Class System

    If any of you have played Smite or similar games, you'll know all about this. Essentially what this would do is allow players to try out a class for a limited amount of time, say, 24 hours. You would "rent" the class (could be handled one of two ways, could be free or just a much reduced cost...
  9. Arcan1x

    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    Ranger's (and presumably any other class with access to a bow) arrows have extreme damage variation, typically ranging from 100-300 against mobs from what I've seen. This is an issue in PVP as well, seeing as a single ranger shot can take you down several hearts. Also, a glitch occurs when you...