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  1. Cplpunishmnt

    Cplpunishmnt's Mute Appeal

    IGN: Cplpunishmnt Muted by: Church_ and Moejuener Time of Mute: 2:10 P.M. CST Channel: OutofCharacter Reason for Mute: I was muted because I was believed to be harassing other individuals. My Story: I was speaking to another player about a conversation we had the day before. This individual...
  2. Cplpunishmnt

    Bug Town Bank

    I would like to report that some tim last night I lost my resources in my bank again. I logged on to find that my lapis blocks were again mostly gone and my stone blocks likewise. I don't believe this to be an issue of a rollback, as I only put stacks of the blocks into my bank and I am now left...
  3. Cplpunishmnt

    Bug Town Bank

    Well i talked to Piptendo about this, and we figured out that the "glitch" was a simple rollback. The problem was that the files that were uploaded to the new server were not instantaneous and; therefore, did not contain all of the contents that were in my town bank. This would explain why only...
  4. Cplpunishmnt

    Bug Town Bank

    After the server was moved today I looked into my town bank and saw that most of my resources were gone. All the Lapis Blocks, Iron Blocks, Cobblestone, most of my stone, and a single glowing pristine sapphire were gone. In all I had just enough to upgrade my town to the next tier and I was just...
  5. Cplpunishmnt

    Suggestion Farmer Upgrades

    Hello developers, Today I would like to discuss the situation of the farmer profession and how I think it could be upgraded to make it more useful. I, as well as others, believe to the farmer to be almost useless in it's abilities. Sure the ability to spawn animals for food is...
  6. Cplpunishmnt

    Banned for glitching....

    What time will this ban be removed? At the time I was banned after the three days or three days from now?
  7. Cplpunishmnt

    Banned for glitching....

    My IGN: Cplpunishmnt Banned by: @MoeJunur Time of ban: 3:31 pm Reason for ban: Glitched through an iron door in someones base. My story: At the time of my ban I had been trying to find a way into, a person named Skaahr's, base. I had thought to myself what if I just glitched through the door...