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  1. Irishman81

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    Hey relax I’m still alright at this game... But yeah a lot of the bottleneck is with getting these damned bugs fixed - to be upfront, not a ton of motivation for config/design guys to be pushing stuff when we’re basically in a holding pattern waiting for bugs to get fixed. We’ll meet sometime...
  2. Irishman81

    Suggestion Incentivizing Building and Encouraging Creativity.

    Very well said. I am 100% in agreement with your "but if I can set up an impenetrable bunker with 250c and a stack of cobblestone, I'd like to know what YOU consider Easycraft" argument. We haven't done a full scale evaluation of the current requirements but once we do I'd definitely like to...
  3. Irishman81

    Suggestion Herocraft: Remastered Feedback

    Fix coming into this whenever the base heroes config is pushed and the server is restarted.
  4. Irishman81

    Bug Beta Profession Bugs

    Just going to post this here so we have a running document and other people can add on as they see fit: Overall: - Permission skills need to be re-added - Fix old/outdated tooltips Blacksmith: - Repair does not actually repair the item, reverts to previous durability after a couple seconds...
  5. Irishman81

    Suggestion Beta Balance Thread

    Been a while since I've posted one of these but here we go. As it has become apparent to those who have been playing beta so far, many of the classes are underwhelming to play due to the decreased skill count (among other things) from previous iterations of hc to where we are now. As Kain said...
  6. Irishman81

    Drew's Balance Team Application

  7. Irishman81

    Drew's Balance Team Application

    wrong forums buddy
  8. Irishman81

    A pvp ruleset server

    what trizze is referring to isnt the "heroes reborn" stuff delf mentioned earlier, thats another project
  9. Irishman81

    A pvp ruleset server

    Less interested now. @Rumblestikk just hit me up on discord we’ll work it out
  10. Irishman81

    A pvp ruleset server

    I'm fine doing stuff like this, and I'm happy to work with balance stuff and other ideas. My concern is just that I don't want to throw a lot of my time into this and only like 10 people end up playing, you know?