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  1. Aryios

    Suggestion Factions Spawn

    Honestly I think just an exchange would do just well. I have a question though what will the currency be Souls or the classic gold standard? I think having gold would make a lot of people here happy. Also it might be easier on the new players instead of having souls for the currency. Also...
  2. Aryios

    Suggestion HeroFactions - Basic Heroes and Factions Server.

    I had brought up this Idea to Kainzo in the past and I like it, I've also played some heroes faction servers in the past. Herocraft needs new players and this could help bring new players into the system. Minecraft had a lot of younger players start playing these past few years but they like to...
  3. Aryios

    Suggestion Town cost changes

    I made this thread before you told us about this in O chat, So it was not ignored.
  4. Aryios

    Suggestion Town cost changes

    Currently town taxes in my opinion are very expensive, It cost 10c per chunk on a daily basis. I'm not very fond of this new system because I feel like we won't be able to get towns as big as we used to. I feel like towns will be less creative this map because of how limited you are with space...
  5. Aryios

    Tree Creepers (26)

    Lookie lookie what I find, Thornhollow! Then we have dmil walking the dogs down west road.
  6. Aryios

    Suggestion Different Weapon Types

    Anvil for a Paladin hammer!
  7. Aryios

    Suggestion Regarding Kainzo's new samurai proposal

    @has400 Did you forget? We have armor weight now, People will still build tanky with the new Samurai. I agree on the name change and support skills though.
  8. Aryios

    Providence [31] - not actively recruiting

    @Jonsoon update the citizen list!
  9. Aryios

    Suggestion Shaman Mana Costs

    Basicly the mana cost are far from balanced, go look at the wiki and compare the class to the other healers or casters. Its not about if you run out of mana its about making balanced mana cost for the class. It looks like the mana cost have not been touched from around the time it was created...