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    Bug Gold Exchange

    Yea lol, I gave up on that, it's a whole New World if you know what I mean ;)
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    Bug Gold Exchange

    I'll test it tonight! It wasn't working 2 days ago. Haven't tested it at all last night.
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    Bug Gold Exchange

    Hey guys this is still broken lol. I know it's just beta but when towns get de-regioned and raided because ppl can't upkeep that pushes people away even more lol @Kainzo @werwew19 @Delta788
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    {GravKoc Gardens Inc.}

    Township Name: GravKoc Gardens Inc. Mayor: TBD Second-In-Command: TBD Location of Town: TBD Misc Info: First, we must master the Farmer. Cumming too soon
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    Wanna join my town?

    Wanna join my town?
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    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    I suggest for testing enchanter the lapis block requirement be lowered. It currently costs 84~ blocks of lapis to enchant 1 god pick and that is the reason I haven't tested any enchanting. IT gives no room for testing as I have to mine 18+ hours to collect the lapis to test 1 enchant. IF the...
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    Bug Beta Profession Bugs

    I'm planning on testing some enchanting stuff but honestly the 85 lapis block per enchant is too much to even bother trying. If it gets lowered I'd like to test them all out and then switch to Engineer and test all of that out too.
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    Bug Beta Profession Bugs

    Should enchanting a god pick really cost 86 Lapis blocks worth? Does it de-level you? That cost is just a bit too high for me to want to both testing it on until the appropriate cost is figured out lol
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    A (Maybe) Controversial Take on PvP

    You should write down all the suggestions and make a big post about them. Also, I think PVP should actually be encouraged a little more. Video games are an amazing thought experiment to study and live out many things you would never be able to do in real life. Taking the risk of joining a...
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    ALERT Herocraft: Remastered, beta coming AUGUST 20th

    Any sneak peaks at the map/spawn?