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  1. what777

    I check the forums every now and then, thanks for still hosting them.

    I check the forums every now and then, thanks for still hosting them.
  2. what777

    ALERT Herocraft: Remastered, beta coming AUGUST 20th

    I probably won't check it out since I have no interest in MC anymore, but still, good luck. Some good memories here, shame all the old PVP videos have been taken offline, there was some real gems in there.
  3. what777

    Bug TNT not regenerating correctly

    I have used a lot of TNT, only 'glitch' I've seen is the chests having visual glitches, never seen glass turn into wool.
  4. what777

    Suggestion The Problems With TNT, PVP, PVE, and So Much More

    Apex of Time upgraded weapons are pretty useless tbh, I have 1000~ medals, and don't have any upgraded weapons.
  5. what777

    Thinking of coming back

    There's some hard work being done by people to improve shit, mainly leveling, that's going live in about 2~weeks. From what I've helped test, it's much better than what we have atm, and hopefully will help the noobs that have joined lately stay active, and bring some veterans back. Right now...
  6. what777

    Not a Bug Supporter Tier 6 Drop Transfer not working

    the problem was that it apparentely worked in combat, so I don't think it's coming back sadly. (I've advocated for it being restored, but I guess people were abusing it, which makes me sad 'cus it was so good for building and stuff.)
  7. what777

    Inactivity Check

    When is this meeting?
  8. what777

    Bug Classes that I mastered

    Could staff fix this for me too? I'd like to see all my classes instead of only a couple.
  9. what777

    Suggestion PvP Elo/Top: The Killer of a Playerbase

    The sad thing is you don't even need to kill noobs to get high up on the leaderboards, but it's simply the easier way to get there. Didn't read entire post, mainly cus the white-bolded text hurts my eyes on the dark theme.
  10. what777

    Suggestion Significantly reduce rent for shops in spawn/trade district

    Prices in beta were way cheaper, they're about 2x-3x as expensive now. (for example, the most expensive tent, was 125c per week I believe, and it's 50c a day now.) I brought this up at map start, but admins thought the new prices would be good, but it killed all my motivation to make a shop in...