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  1. TheAncientTeam

    The Floating Islands of Frost!

    Mayor: TheAncientTeam SiC: @Delikin SiC: @LordZelkova Council; @LarryDeCable Application; Name: Age: Levels (Combat & Prof): TeamSpeak?: Skype?: Mic?: Length of stay on Herocraft?: Timezone?: Town Rules: Don’t Steal. Don't build/destroy in town without asking Council. Don’t be rude to...
  2. TheAncientTeam

    Trazil abusing his power to mute me

    I am fairly sure this is abuse of trazil's power but I have no proof other than logs and other people agreeing that it happened. I was in an argument with a bunch of people in o chat about gun violence and how guns are just as dangerous as knives. It started to get very heated and many people...
  3. TheAncientTeam

    Suggestion Give Engineers Their Clocks!

    So as you may not no, engineer has the clock ic given to them as their level 60 skill, however, whenever you place this ic you are given a rather annoying message saying you are not allowed to use this ic. Now aside from saying on the wiki and in my skills list that I have the clock ic I still...
  4. TheAncientTeam

    Bug Incorrect ammount of free lwcs for donators

    I'm a t8 donator and I only have 3 free lwcs, not 6 like the wiki says.
  5. TheAncientTeam

    Suggestion Changes For Townships!

    I have spent huge amounts of my time working on the new townships 3.0 system (which is awesome btw), however I have a few issues which I think need to be implemented/changed asap for it to survive long term. Power Now power is something I know is being redone and I'm not 100% sure on changes...
  6. TheAncientTeam

    Suggestion Let the community decide!

    All I am seeing on forums is ideas, rejections from staff, and complaining about staff not adding the ideas. I have a simple idea which will prove who is right and who is wrong. Create a new temp map with the ideas of the community implemented! I mean the people of the community want to have...
  7. TheAncientTeam

    Druid Build

    Hey I know there is another post for this but this is for myself to remember how to use it and anyone else who may want to use it. "The Lifepicker" Strength- 20 Constitution- 17 Endurance- 20 Agility- 0 Intellect- 20 Wisdom- 30 Charisma- 0 This build is for those who prefer to attack upfront...
  8. TheAncientTeam

    Suggestion Ideas to increase pvp

    Just before I begin (if you don't want to hear this go further down before reading) I don't normally use suggestions because I feel that people go out of their way to try to say why an idea doesn't work and also most ideas don't accepted or put into dev state. I also understand "this isn't a pvp...
  9. TheAncientTeam

    TheAncientTeam's Guide App

    Minecraft IGN: TheAncientTeam Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone:GMT+1/BST 16 How long have you been on Herocraft?:Roughly a year Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I first started this map in zeal with a few friends, I enjoyed the pvp element in the server and kept on...
  10. TheAncientTeam

    Xcution [Evil] (7)

    Intro Welcome to Xcution, we aim to kill, murder, and destroy our enemy in an honorable and fun manner Objectives Our goal is to complete assassination requests and cause chaos through towns and guilds. Members:Owner- TheAncientTeam Veterans- minimike96 Members- derodes, ginger710...