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  1. wolfgang784

    Bug Stoneflow Castellum

    This should be fixed now.
  2. wolfgang784

    What is your fav class and why? NO DEBATES

    What is your favorite class and more importantly why is it your favorite. Because it fits your play style? Utility? Good in groups? Just say whatever you wanna say about it. You can also say your favorite crafter class as well if you want. DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A DEBATE THREAD HOWEVER. GO...
  3. wolfgang784

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    Its been 7 years since I posted my face here, so lets get an update goin. @aceshooter11 @Kainzo @idkwhostillplaysthatIknowanymorewhyamIevenpostingthis
  4. wolfgang784


  5. wolfgang784

    Return next map

    So is there a new map coming out soon then? I don't see an announcement on the main page that I can notice. Logged in for the first time in a while just to see if anyone interesting to talk to was on since I am bored and there was only 2 other people on the server. Odd for nobody to be online at...
  6. wolfgang784

    ALERT The Final Stand - New Era/Map Reset

    Some of the changes sound nice. I'll be back for the new map as usual but as always the question is for how long. Can never seem to get that fun from the early days back but I keep coming back anyway. Ah well, see ya guys there.
  7. wolfgang784

    Putting the Ra in War.

    Who even like burritos? Oh, looks like nobody.
  8. wolfgang784

    Nuxvar (Currently Recruiting)

    1. Username: wolfgang784 2. How old are you: I am currently 21 years old. 3. How long have you played HeroCraft: I've been playing a little over 5 years now, on and off. 4. How often are you active: I played a good solid 2 years when I started before taking a break for a while and now I come...
  9. wolfgang784

    Physical Currency Items

    Oh dang, I read the posts but somehow missed that as I read through. I have no idea in that case. Its either a hint that it is coming soon or another feature to add onto the list to be done eventually.