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  1. riche7846

    Suggestion Herocraft in 2020

    I actually really appreciate the post tbh, It does point out a lot of glaring problems with servers like this. I like your ideas stating around classes, however im not sure if you played too much through this year? Where the power creep was REALLY high and level 1 was actually a bit too strong...
  2. riche7846

    riche7846's ban appeal

    @Kainzo Ik ur not really involved with my ban. But kenneth takes a while to respond and refused to look at my cousins post. So do you mind taking a look at it? Just wondering since i really want to try out the server again lol
  3. riche7846

    Semi-New (Played during 2016), Coming back hopefully after being unbanned

    Hey not sure if anyone remembers me but i guess i might be coming back! A little intro on me is that i'm a chill person who just likes to grind and pvp a bit, though i might come off as sorta cocky xD Hope to have fun with you all again!
  4. riche7846

    riche7846's ban appeal

    Also to add to the story it was about 2 years ago and we only had 1 computer. We were trying to get me and him in the same group for quite a while but it was semi hard for me to get my group to actually add him. So we decided to do it on that day which lead to the ban that im appealing for now...
  5. riche7846

    ilovepigsman's Ban Appeal

    i like how u got the story backwards and i finally decided to look at ur appeal after 2 years of being banned (Edit: Sorry for posting on this appeal since it is against the rules. It has to deal with both of us and i wanted to make sure this dolt here doesn't mess it up by getting the story...
  6. riche7846

    riche7846's ban appeal

    IGN: riche7846 Banned By: @Kenneth_Chow Time of Ban: 09/19/16 Reason For Ban: Alt account My Story: The "alt account" was my cousins account. During that time he came over and i let him use my pc for a bit. Afterwards i came on to tell my clan mates to add my cousin and soon after was banned...
  7. riche7846


    Age: 14 IGN: riche7846 Teamspeak or discord: discord PVP skill (1-10) 1 being the worst: 6 Build skill (1-10) 1 being the worst: 4 Combat class and level: Leach: 41 Profession and level: Engineer: 45 Have you been in any other towns this map: Yes if so what town(s): Auricha and Garden of...
  8. riche7846

    || Auricha ||

    Age: 14 In-Game Username: riche7846 Class and level: bloodmage - level 11 Profession and level: Crafter level 4 (obviously will change) Timezone: USA Eastern Preferred activity: Pve exploring and pvp