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  1. Doogler

    Server online?

    Is the server online and im just an idiot?
  2. Doogler

    Unabe to sign on to minecraft

    It now tells me that i dont have a minercaft account anymore...I have reset my password and confirmed my username, nothing has changed. I cant even get minecraft 1.0 to play offline, and even if I did get it, it still would say you need an account. So this sucks.
  3. Doogler

    Idea for a new Smith skill

    In real life you could consider me to be an enviromentalist. This carries over to minecraft making it hard for me to make things like booster rails because I don't like making items knowing I'll never get the mats back. My suggestion is to give smiths the ability to take items apart and get the...
  4. Doogler

    Ive never seen the server down for so long

    Does anyone know the reason why its down? Im sorry if i have failed to see the cause of the down time.
  5. Doogler

    This may sound dumb

    I cannot seem to find the list of future classes and their perks