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  1. Calovichi

    Can I get your thoughts?

    If I can draw your attention to the Herocraft online map. In the bottom corner around the SE Herogate you will find some road ways. I will first state that the road is not complete in its construction but the part closest to the Herogate is an adequate sample. This road way is intended to be...
  2. Calovichi

    PVE developments between Towns and Independent Players

    Question One: is there interest in creating a united PVE experience where everyone works towards some goal? Question Two: What would that goal be? I would like to throw out there the idea of a community city, a hub if you will? Maybe a uniform (by town) road way. Interesting community mechanics...
  3. Calovichi

    The price of Relics

    Hello Kdog8936 here with a topic for discussion. The set to this discussion is that I was playing on the server and people were buy and selling relics. The price ranged widely from 150s for V or 300s for a set. I want to run an idea for a criteria pricing of relics. I have two criteria to try...
  4. Calovichi

    Backpacks gone?

    just logined in and backpacks were gone. can anyone tell me the reason for the change? Furthermore I have a few questions. 1. Is there going to be some compensation? 2. Why were they removed? 3. Will they ever be coming back?
  5. Calovichi

    Ninja: The Worst Class in all of HeroCraft, but why?

    OK so I started HeroCraft 2-3 weeks ago and I found out there was a ninja class. "I am going to be a ninja and be a bad***" I thought. After long hours of grinding mob I now have a level 60 ninja. But for being "Those rogues who wish a silent death on their targets are Ninjas. Sneaking by with...
  6. Calovichi

    [Assassin's Guild] Evil {3}

    Leader- kdog8936 Members- kdog8936, enojado_tejon, RandomSigns Recruits- RangeHoplite, FuzzyDragon77 Headquarters- x-1362 z-1290 y-69 objective- The systematic killing of contacted targets via a sign with the hit's name and requester's name. The sign should be placed at the guild headquarters...
  7. Calovichi


    Minecraft In-game name: kdog8936 Location & Age: USA (Ohio) and 17 years old Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): None Referral(s): None How did you hear about Herocraft?: Minecraft server List ( http://minecraft-server-list.com/sort/ECO/ ) Have you voted for Herocraft...