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  1. KingNate42

    Bug Pyromancer Self/Team Damage Issues

    In pyromancer's current state, self/team damage is an issue. Flamedash currently leaves behind fire "blocks" alongside the skill firenado, both of these fire "blocks" damage both myself and allies alike. This makes the skills counterintuitive, becoming more of a hinderance in groups fights and...
  2. KingNate42

    3v3 PvP Tournament!

    postpone another week so people can figure stuff out?
  3. KingNate42

    3v3 PvP Tournament!

    Its on the event server dumbo.
  4. KingNate42

    Suggestion Clicking mechanics

    Just not very fun having to play warrior classes basically as casters with the 1.9 clicking cool down. Slows the fast paced combat that herocraft previously has had.
  5. KingNate42

    Is the left click cool-down intended.

    Is the left click cool-down intended.
  6. KingNate42

    Ban Appeal

    IGN: KingNate42 Banned by: Kenny Time of ban:14-05-16 at 15:52 Reason for ban: Exploting Your story: So i tried logging on today after a while, to find out i was banned for exploiting. I assume it was because i was able to somehow simply open peoples doors in private regions. At the start, I...
  7. KingNate42


    Server crashed, lost elo, fix please. I cant display my dominance if i am not arena top, because we all know that i am the best pvper around.
  8. KingNate42

    GG Pvp

    This thread is making my night.
  9. KingNate42

    War of the Nations Boycott

    I do not believe that people come to the server with an elaborate heroes system for PvE. Obviously though, you believe in that part of the server though, so i will take that into consideration. But for a major part of the community in the past that i believe were PvPers when the server was in...
  10. KingNate42

    KingNate42's G Mute appeal

    IGN: KingNate42 Banned by: Kainbro Time of ban: 8:55 Nebraska time Reason for ban: I gave kainzo a tip Your story: Kainzo said people to come at him, and i told him to add bro at the end to make it a bit more intimidating, i dont know what i did wrong, i just tried to help my friend seem...