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  1. werwew19

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    Edited, costs are live now
  2. werwew19

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    Yeah Reborn in my opinion was a success that kickstarted was because Delf, Detar, Mystic, Myself, and a team of others were back, dedicated and working very hard on it. We had completely fresh classes a lot of them were stored away in favor of bringing back the old ones. I wish you played...
  3. werwew19

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    This is a ridiculous post and you know it's a ridiculous one lol. You keep mentioning a history of corruption between staff and TC but want ONE pvp town, was tied to corruption AND hasn't been active in a minimum of 7 years now to run the show? None of them have even logged in or shown interest...
  4. werwew19

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    Yes there's a lot of bugs that piled up with the update and not enough people actively working on them
  5. werwew19

    On class design.

    Very interesting write up I learned a lot from this
  6. werwew19

    A (Maybe) Controversial Take on PvP

    I agree this is a major issue that needs to be addressed and a very important discussion to be had in a public setting like the forums. I've watched people quit in the past, I've watched people quit recently in beta. It's been happening a very long time and the solutions implemented in the past...
  7. werwew19

    (my) Unofficial Herocraft class tier list (need help picking your first class??)

    I agree with a few points in here, personally I was never a fan of the over saturation of warmups, there is way too many warmups in the game now in my opinion. I think a lot of the changes over the years was reactive to the hysteria of people complaining and now we have warmups everywhere and to...
  8. werwew19

    (my) Unofficial Herocraft class tier list (need help picking your first class??)

    The amount of tremor kills I have seen in the wild from guys like templar_james and other players in the past is way too much to count. It has a lot of use cases in different parts of the environment whether its a player build or a mountain. It can deal some ridiculous fall damage to people. I...
  9. werwew19

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    I think if we go back to expensive LWC's which I'm all for, there needs to be a method for solo players to protect themselves. Historically and I am absolutely guilty of this, a lot of new players join maybe they aren't as social or they aren't committed enough to the server yet to type in o...
  10. werwew19

    Suggestion Incentivizing Building and Encouraging Creativity.

    Yeah i get that, I don't think there's any issue with schematica though if people want assistance building with a schematic template if it means they're going to make a nicer looking town I am for that. I was told the autobuild feature is no longer supported and there's only a forked version of...