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  1. ZeroStormAI

    ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

    It's great to see the ideas finally on paper so all can see and put in any input they have.
  2. ZeroStormAI

    A fallen Herocrafter - GaidenFocus

    may he rest in peace. i may not have met him but most people on herocraft are amazing people and after reading your guy's posts im sure he was.
  3. ZeroStormAI

    Village Ixion

    Great Town Post Minor Suggestion fix the text because its hard to read without highlighting it. Good luck Futt.
  4. ZeroStormAI

    A pvp ruleset server

    @Kainzo in an effort to bring back pvp. ive tossed around a few ideas. 1. instead of having different areas i think we should have a pvp enable function this can have a cooldown for when you dont want to pvp but i feel that we should be allowed to mine and not worry about pvp now this can have...
  5. ZeroStormAI

    Bug death in arenas

    death in arenas will make you drop your backback. and upon reentering you cant gain your items back there just gone.
  6. ZeroStormAI

    Suggestion Class Skills With MMO ITEMS

    Now your probably intrigued by this idea. Currently we have lots of amazing items that we can use but some items arent able to be used with skills ie Rangers Musket. So what can we do to fix this. I think having some skills that are universal for a class. Where as other skills are specific to a...
  7. ZeroStormAI

    Bug Runeblade Toxic Rune

    Runeblades toxic rune will not give exp when it kills mobs. i discovered the bug at skycastleswhen i used toxic rune on a boss and when it died i got the coffer for the kill but no exp.
  8. ZeroStormAI

    ALERT Mob Arenas & Items Additions: 10/12/18

    @Kainzo how does one obtain an item crusher? and does it work when you cant hold the item in your hand due to class restrictions?
  9. ZeroStormAI

    ALERT Mob Arenas & Items Additions: 10/12/18

    It's an exciting week for Herocraft On 10/12/18 at 7PM we will be implementing Mob Arenas. These arenas are going to add another way for players and groups to level. Lets go over some of the key details of the mob arenas that you as players will need to know. Limited Arenas These arenas will...
  10. ZeroStormAI

    You should probably carry a blunderbuss and a sword to repel the sharks. The Sea of Thieves can...

    You should probably carry a blunderbuss and a sword to repel the sharks. The Sea of Thieves can be quite dangerous if your not prepared. and not much dating a girl in canada, ive seen her twice and now im saving to move up there.