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  1. Chilli_Bandit

    Questions about the state of PvP from an old player

    Hello, Old player possibly returning here. I was just wondering, considering playing this next map with a couple of friends who are really into the PvP side of this server, has much changed since a few maps ago? We used to really enjoy roaming as a 3-man group and fighting for treasure chests...
  2. Chilli_Bandit

    Suggestion Please tone down mob's special abilities

    I'm not sure if they're meant to use 5 skills in half a second though.
  3. Chilli_Bandit


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Chilli_Bandit How old are you? 15 Time Zone? Australian Western Standard Time (+8:00 GMT) How long have you played HC? about a year and a half How often are you active in game? 2+ Hours a day in the afternoon my time, 1 hour a day in the morning my time. A lot...
  4. Chilli_Bandit

    What Will Your Main Class and Race Be!?

    I started with a human thief ( a little generic I know ) and got him to level 60 but then got hacked and lost all my gold + karma but when I got my account back I was level 80 surprisingly enough, Now I've got an 80 elementalist that's one of those small guys (I forgot the name) and a level 72...
  5. Chilli_Bandit

    Your friendly Tinky Winky

    Your friendly Tinky Winky
  6. Chilli_Bandit

    Ayy lmao

    Ayy lmao
  7. Chilli_Bandit

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Would someone mind changing my forums name to Chilli_Bandit? @Admins
  8. Chilli_Bandit

    Herogate Camping is over the top

    Dude, I was just randomly walking around and bumped into you lmao. Then you continued to log off when you saw me. I had nothing better to do but camp your log point because that was annoying af when you logged and you shouldn't do it. I killed you once lmfao @Zyvo1 Please Respond (I'm...
  9. Chilli_Bandit

    [AD] - Novigrad - Neutral [PvP] - RECRUITING

    IGN: Chilli_Bandit Age: 15 When did you join Herocraft? A year ago? Not entirely sure but I know my basic way around When did you start playing Minecraft? ^^^^^^^^ Did you read all of the town rules? Chicken Nuggets Previous Towns/Guilds? Erebor Why did you leave the previous Town/Guild(s)? No...
  10. Chilli_Bandit


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Chilli_Bandit How old are you? 15 Time Zone? 8:00+ GMT (Perth, Australia) How long have you played HC? Not exactly sure. Maybe a year or two? How often are you active in game? Can play 2-3 hours a day What class are you? Levelling Ranger - Currently level 0...