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  1. Dwarfers


    Hiya folks, There was a time when nobody gave a shit if you were PvE or PvP. We all did everything. Flash back: We had a group of BUILDERS compete in a PvP tourny and get second place and even beat one of the "top pvp groups". Woo Templars lol. As the maps went on people started dividing...
  2. Dwarfers

    I came. She saw. We conquered.

    I came. She saw. We conquered.
  3. Dwarfers

    Inactivity Check

    Instead of just staying inactive and not attending, I will one up you and ask to be removed from balance team. HA! I am content with being removed from any other positions as well. :p P.S. I've just been traveling IRL a lot and have opportunities I am taking regarding my field of study at...
  4. Dwarfers

    Suggestion TNT Minecart

    With the addition of TNT working in Herocraft. @STDs4YouAnd4Me and a few others have seen TNT Minecarts as something that could be added to Herocraft. It could be used defensively by towns and whatever else people think of. I think it would be cool to have it...
  5. Dwarfers

    Bug No farmer exp for beetroot

    Do they even heal you? I recall them not doing anything when minecraft released them.
  6. Dwarfers

    Suggestion Alchemist glowstone recipe

    Alchemist already has a glowstone recipe. Netherrack can be purchased for 100c per stack in /shop. https://herocraftonline.com/wiki/Cauldron
  7. Dwarfers

    Bug Backpack Death

    When I die the items in my backpack aren't being stored in my deathchest. They just vanish. I've checked how much room I had in my deathchest with the amount of items I got back and at least 18 more slots of items could have fit. I lost a lot of stuff due to this.
  8. Dwarfers

    Guide Application - Dwarfers

    Minecraft IGN: Dwarfers Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 20|Arizona Mountain Time How long have you been on Herocraft?: Since Dec. 21, 2011. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I have previously held the guide position and know what is required of me. I took a break from it...
  9. Dwarfers

    Yeah, it sucks. Apparently it was because of the Ativan he was taking for his anxiety. It can...

    Yeah, it sucks. Apparently it was because of the Ativan he was taking for his anxiety. It can cause suicidal thoughts. Was shocked when I saw it minutes after the first reports. :(
  10. Dwarfers

    I quit. I'm going back to ToonTown.

    I quit. I'm going back to ToonTown.