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  1. ezmac

    I built a tings

  2. ezmac

    Climbing Things Like a Madman!

    Made a friend! Then we climbed O_O
  3. ezmac

    Lore Theories

    I just wanted to throw this out there. I've read through a couple threads but couldn't really find any lore on why there are monsters. So, I wanted to throw some creative thought out there. Since monsters are a big part of this game and all. Just wanted to establish how I thought the world...
  4. ezmac

    Art Challenge and Skins!

    Hey Guys, I'm redoing a few of my skins I made for Herocraft, and I'll be uploading those sometime tomorrow! (Adding new classes and moving old ones to my archive). I'm really bored though and would like a CHALLENGE! So send me a screen shoot of your character in-game and I'll draw them. It's...
  5. ezmac

    Bug Not Flying

    I kept getting a 'Kicked for Flying (or Related)' message upon entering PVP and PVE worlds. I just figured it was the result of a malfunctioning anti-hack mod built into Herocraft, probably doesn't help that my PC's are both total garbage and rubber-band the bajesus out of my character. I...
  6. ezmac


    I am thinking about leaving :( I mean I've done it........ I feel like I have done everything herocraft has to offer me. I played the MA's I've done warshard. I leveled to 55 (4 times) I got to 60 once. I explored the I helped make a town and I made friends............... and then I did...
  7. ezmac

    Costume Contest!

    Guild Amor Aurora is holding a weekly costume contest! Rules: - Post an in-game picture of yourself wearing the skin on the Hero-Craft forums! - If you post a picture with any name over it, it must be your in-game name - You don't have to make the skin but bonus for trying to! - Whoever post...
  8. ezmac

    We need Guilds

    I have been trying to start a Guild for 2 weeks now, but I didn't know there was not a system implemented to fit Herocraft. So, I would like to know everyone's ideas just to see where this could be going.
  9. ezmac

    [Aurora] Good (6) *Recruiting!*

    Goal!- We aim to bring good into the world by protecting the ones close to us, but we will not hesitate to strike down the ones we deem Evil. -Create a KOS list of Evil players. -Help prepare, and protect the unofficial town Aurora. (This is our Guild Hall. I worked very hard to make it, be...
  10. ezmac

    Gold Items

    For smiths, repairing a gold item cost the same amount of gold to actually make the item. What is the point of repairing it then? Suggestion- Make the regent one less then it cost to make to item.