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  1. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    White Hall ==Hamlet== Snowy Mountain Retreat Township Name: White Hall Mayor: Moejunur Second-In-Command:BoDuhal Council: Location of Town: white covered grounds A retreatt community that enjoys Herocraft and the group of old friends that belong to it. We are currently adding to town by...
  2. MoeJunur

    Bug Prism use outside of towns

    today, players were using Prism outside of their towns to check lwc chest, to see when they were last opened. This used to be only inside of town boundaries.
  3. MoeJunur

    Bug Dirt walls not disappearing once used

    i had several request by players to remove dirt wall that did not disappear after they were placed @Admins
  4. MoeJunur

    Bug Personal region disappearing

    This is the third time my PR has disappeared. also this time all my lwc's were gone,
  5. MoeJunur

    Bug Personal Residence keeps disappearing

    I have create my residence 3 times now, costing 650- 700 coins each time, after 3-4 days i log in and its gone, i log in atleast every other day. this time i noticed that all the water that was placed and crops and lava for trash can are gone, checked with block check and no one has been there...
  6. MoeJunur

    Bug Enchanting stuck

    was making enchanted boots when i got to all rows on enchanting talbe showed up protection enchants, now i cant make an items change an item! Logged off, then back on. quit game and restarted. broke enchamting table and replaced, still the same enchamts come up for leather boots!
  7. MoeJunur

    Bug EXP gain not working in top exp bars

    I noticed while mining some i was still at lv 10 but just dug several diamonds, and not lv % gains. but i tried /lvl toggle and the bottom exp bars showed the correct gains.
  8. MoeJunur

    Resolved No smith xp for logging new wood types

    I have tried to log the new wood types, dark oak and acacia wood, as a smith I do not receive xp for these types. I have checked and still receive xp for oak, birch, spruce, and jungle wood.
  9. MoeJunur

    Mod App - Moejunur

    changed my mind, I am just to old for all this BS, just going to enjoy Herocraft.
  10. MoeJunur

    Bug Disenchant of pickaxe

    I can disenchant the pickaxe, but I can not try to enchant it again. it still has the colored hue as if it is still enchanted. If i place it back in the enchanting tables it acts like it is enchanted and does not show up the different enchants possible.