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  1. ebilaxe

    Old PvP highlight vod.

    I miss my [Legacy] friends, was digging through my Twitch and found this, if any of my old friends see this; thanks for entertaining a high schooler and giving me great memories. Forever a Dragoon. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/49469353
  2. ebilaxe

    Suggestion No port if combat tagged.

    Obliviously I am posting this because it happens, but what else would put the idea into my head. There should be risk to raiding a town, not 100% safety because you have a wizard. Or maybe go farther into the idea that there is a port at a certain level and then a combat port and a higher...
  3. ebilaxe

    Suggestion Command to disable block breaking.

    As a Dragoon, whether I am fighting mobs or players, I find it annoying that even a Diamond Shovel without any enchants can easily break a Dirt/Sand/Gravel block and then a week later I figured out I disgraced someones holy sanctuary and get yelled at by a staff member for griefing. Or even when...
  4. ebilaxe

    Suggestion Profession: Miner

    I feel this profession hasn't been looked into since the release of the new currency, the skill "Smelt Gold - You can turn gold ore into a gold ingot with a 10.299 percent chance of getting an extra ingot". Sure the skill could be assumed useful, but has less of a reason now. I have no...
  5. ebilaxe

    How's it going?

    Kinda stopped playing Herocraft unannounced ever since I built my new computer and have gotten a job, kind of have been in contact with Keache and Danda... Who's been the top pvpers? TC still here? Any promotions? Who am i? Map wipe eh? :D
  6. ebilaxe


    @Liqwids @LordSeven
  7. ebilaxe


    So I played Slender... the game where you are wandering a forest, looking for 8 pages for some unknown goddamn reason. I played it before but it didn't have as much, but I decided to go back to it... and record me being a pussy... It was worse than clowns Q.Q Game link...
  8. ebilaxe

    What do you do while not on Herocraft.

    Just saying, I scream and swear a lot, I straight up don't like zombies, or clowns for that matter. Should have never bought this game. Was livestreaming this, had about 30 viewers, and this was the only part I recorded for myself.
  9. ebilaxe

    What Kainzo really thinks of MLP

    http://audioboo.fm/boos/426740-my-little-pony-saved-my-life inb4 I'm dead.
  10. ebilaxe

    Drakensang ( free )

    Not much detail to go into, but this is basically a free mimic of Diablo, and it's browser based (download is available). The game was made using java... http://agathon.drakensang.com/ It's pretty nice so far, I believe the game is in beta stage at the moment. *Note that the video is...