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  1. AtomicTempest

    Suggestion My suggestions

    Hey there, I would like to suggest some stuff: - Bring back residences for people so they can play solo if they don't like being in towns. (I like it so much before) - Let everyone lock 1 chest for free. - Make it more PVP than PVE that was all the fun of Herocraft PVP not PVE that why we...
  2. AtomicTempest

    AtomicTempest ban appeal DISCORD lol

    Discord name : MSpudicDesign#8320 Banned by: @Kainzo I suppose Time of ban: 2015 I think Reason for ban: Uh don't even know Your story: I have amnesia time passed
  3. AtomicTempest

    Herocraft sad story

    Hey there people! I still log on from time to time in hope to see any great news or updates I am glad to see that most of you guys are still around there. I started playing here in 2012 this was fucking 8 years ago WOW . We are fucking old already but I still want to fill my nostalgia about...
  4. AtomicTempest

    Guide App: AtomicTempest

    Minecraft IGN:AtomicTempest Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone:18 GMT+1 How long have you been on Herocraft?:since 2012 (cardboardking old account ) Why do you think you would make a good guide?:I'm back after long time.I will try to help all new and old players out with all my experience...
  5. AtomicTempest

    Zetor The tractor town

    ZETOR Mayor:AtomicTempest Sic:____ Manager:___ RULES: 1. No killing of fellow town members 2. No stealing from town members 3. Cover all chests and doorways with dirt at all times 4. Plots extend from the top of the under-city to the bottom of the under-city. 5. Listen to your superiors...
  6. AtomicTempest

    Wrong post

    Wrong :/
  7. AtomicTempest

    Bug Arena Bug

    Joined arena went dragonknight and then match finished and when it teleported me I was ninja
  8. AtomicTempest

    Suggestion /junk command

    Make something like trash can like /junk cobblestone amount so if you are mining you dont need to throw it out and make yourself laggy and server