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  1. _Trains_

    Absence For Trains

    Hello my dear minecraft associates, I have a few things I wish to discuss with you. You read the title, you know what's coming. I announced my return, but I feel like something else needs to be deal with with my time. I may log on to HC once in a while, but I am making other commitments now...
  2. _Trains_

    Trains' Application For Rules Council

    Hello my dear Herocraft associates. This is an application for the Rules Council, which I heard was recruiting in the near future. Minecraft IGN: _Trains_ Position applying for: Rules Council Age|Timezone: 17 | MST How long have you been on Herocraft?: About 1 year, but not completely on this...
  3. _Trains_

    [Creative] Visiting Other Plots

    As I have requesting in "January Notes" I feel as if we should have /plot visit (player name). This command is already in the game, but commoners are unable to use it, as they don't have permission. Also, /spawn doesn't work in creative as well.
  4. _Trains_

    Resolved Cannot Break Blocks With Open Hand

    As the title suggests, sometimes I am unable to break blocks with my bare hand, and I have to be holding an item or a tool. The block simply acts like it was never broken. It's as if you broke a block in spawn. It immediately pops back in, with a message in chat saying "You cannot break that...
  5. _Trains_


    Just wanted to let @Admins and @Moderators know, KawaiiPotato8581 is not an alternate account, but a sibling.
  6. _Trains_

    Guide App: ILikeTrains23456

    Minecraft IGN: ILikeTrains23456 Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 17 MST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 1 Year, but used to hang on a friends account. That is why this account is so recent; it is finally my own account. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I have...
  7. _Trains_

    Application for the HC Adventure

    Hello minecraft associates. I recently saw a post come up about the new herocraft adventure plan, so I have decided to submit an application for a builder/scripter 1. Minecraft IGN: ILikeTrains23456 2. Position applying for: Builder/scripter (I am fine with either, though builder would be my...
  8. _Trains_

    Bug POOP Username

    I am unsure where to put this, but it seems like "bug" might be the best place, since that is what it might be. For the past few days, people all over the server have been commenting that "POOP' hovers above my head instead of "ILikeTrains23456". I do not know whether it was put there by an...
  9. _Trains_


    Team Destiny Number of members: 11 Location: South Continent Objective: Thrive and eventually make a town Level you should be to join: At least level 1 Hello and welcome to the Team Destiny official homepage. Finally, you can be a part of Team Destiny. Our headquarters are currently being built...