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  1. LightningCape

    I'm only mostly dead

    So, I've been gone for a while and I just wanted to explain why. There are a few reasons why I haven't logged in or checked the forums in months. Although currently I don't really have a job I am in college which takes up a large majority of my time. Though in my free time I've been playing a...
  2. LightningCape

    [EVENT] BATTLEDOME 5v5 | February Edition 2015

    *-Herocraft Presents-* THE BATTLEDOME 5v5 TOURNAMENT "Love is in the air, or is that blood?" Saturday, February 28th @ 4pm EST Entry Deadline: 28th @ 3pm EST Location: EVENT SERVER Type: Single Elimination Bracket* (Final round: Best of 3) HOW TO PARTICIPATE: - Gather 5 awesome fighters (a 6th...
  3. LightningCape

    Need town theme ideas

    So I might start making a town on Halloween and stuff. So I was wondering if anyone had any themes for the town. Current ideas: All tree town All Cake/wool town Submarine town <== not sure about this one Something in the air? idk Throw them ideas at me, my body is ready.
  4. LightningCape

    Herocraft: The Great Discussion

    Wall of text* (You were warned) First off let me just say what this thread is NOT about: · Doomsaying · Blaming · Demonizing · And/or persecuting Please note: Now I was going to make this thread in the staff forums when I thought to myself “that would completely destroy the point of...
  5. LightningCape

    Au revoir (Summer Absence) ~Temp

    I probably wont be on forums, 100% not in game.Mentioned this a few times in game recently and on forums to some but I'm going to france until early august to live with family and hopefully get into some hilarious shenanigans. When I get back I hope to start a PvP guild and finally enjoy the...
  6. LightningCape

    Party Size and Balance

    Personally I hope we look more carefully at party sizes. I agree with people who say it should be more than 5 on PvP. Mainly for different reasons: Class balance as of now doesn't work well for 5v5s This is a pretty massive change to how fights will go and what classes people will pick "which...
  7. LightningCape

    Read Townships Rule Clarifying

    Per @Xanipher I'll be making a reminder thread to the community regarding townships. This will mainly address theft. After a few PEs pertaining to this issue it became clear that most of the community doesn't have proper knowledge about town theft. Hence this reminder. This was...
  8. LightningCape

    Patch 5.30 Hotfix ideas

    Some things need to be fixed before the tourney or at least very soon. Call it 5.31 or a hotfix or whatever. Bonespear velocity on necromancer on both test and on live most people can jump/hop faster than it moves Rupture damage on berserker We originally said 10 and it seems it was set to...
  9. LightningCape

    Balance Activity

    As you probably guessed by the title this is an activity check. With staff positions being moved around in the coming weeks we're going to get a feel for how many people are actually here. So @Balance Team if you still want to be part of this team post here. If you do not I will assume you are...
  10. LightningCape

    Community Gaming: Oregon Trail (Zombies)

    Seeing as how @Rumblestikk did this last time with the regular Oregon trail and it was lots of fun I'm thinking I'll do the same. http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/community-gaming-the-oregon-trail.42575/ I will take the names of people who post on this thread (those who ask to for their...