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  1. Danda

    hey you!

    hey you!
  2. Danda

    Suggestion Scars_ suggestion list

    Events are something we want to do but both me and pip are busy on other projects right now and are constantly busy fixing things and working on new content. This could be done without a plugin but this would be fairly low priority. While technically we could create the titles they way mastery...
  3. Danda

    CanDoBlue's Ban

    I belive it was me and Angy. I've lifted the forum ban for now but know that if you're on a short leash. If we end up here again it won't get lifted.
  4. Danda

    Suggestion Farmer Upgrades

    The professions in general need a massive overhaul, each of them currently has use at some level but when we've finished the current projects this is the kind of thing we want to look into.
  5. Danda

    Suggestion A Better Tutorial [Content Included]

    A better tutorial was something i brought up last meeting, it is something we have been thinking about and trying to figure out how to do. This idea is fairly close to what I've been thinking about it's just a matter of figuring out how to track all of this and actually create this tutorial...
  6. Danda

    Can anyone make a crafting guide?

    The lore text needs updating on the items produced, it currently works like this. Each class except Merchant has an item that they can refine into another material then merchants can use the plans to combine one of everything together into an apex of time.
  7. Danda

    Can anyone make a crafting guide?

    Is this in regards to the apex materials etc?
  8. Danda

    Bug Eggs not making chickens

    mob spawning is disabled in towns, that's what's causing this