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  1. I_Love_Miners

    I_love_miners forum discouragement appeal

    IGN: I_love_miners Discouraged by: @Kainzo (I'm assuming) Time of discouragement: 2014 Your story: Not much of a story. I was forum discouraged for voicing my opinions and it essentially makes anything related to this forum next level aids as I have to click a thread 100 times to read it, or...
  2. I_Love_Miners

    Bug Proxy error with skills

    while warming up pulse, my game crashed giving me some sort of proxy error message. This also happened to @TheMechaHeavy using the same skill
  3. I_Love_Miners

    Not a Bug mobs immune to fireball/icebolt while on fire

    not sure if this a new vanilla thing or a bug, but when a mob is on fire, they dont take damage from further fireballs or icebolts, rather than just left clicks like before it's not 100%, but a very high percentage of the time
  4. I_Love_Miners

    Suggestion wizard needs buff

    Wizard has a serious mana problem right now. Firstly, their replenish gets nerfed from the former 100%, to a MAX OF 60%!!! On the surface this doesn't seem too awful, but keep in mind that because of attributes, this scales off of wisdom, and you need to put a decent amount of points to even...
  5. I_Love_Miners


    Just reserving the name for glorious and fearless leader @lumont so some non OG derps don't try to claim our good name
  6. I_Love_Miners

    Buying I_love_miners head

    Looking to buy my head. I believe there are only one or two out there so if anyone knows where one might be at, please contact me with a price.
  7. I_Love_Miners

    I_love_miners trade mute appeal

    IGN:I_love_miners Muted by: don't know Time of mute: august 28th Channel: Trade Reason for mute: I said 'witness' in trade chat when a trade went down and was confirmed Your story: Yep, I admit it, I said it. I promise not to be witness to trades going down in the future. I should have just let...
  8. I_Love_Miners

    complaint about the ban/mute appeal process

    Been noticing a trend in recent appeals where admins just give a curt response that doesnt explain if the player will ever be unbanned/muted or not. I don't think it's asking too much that players who are banned or muted be told if their bans will be lifted, and when, or never. Instead of...
  9. I_Love_Miners

    I_love_miners mute appeal

    IGN: I_love_miners Muted by: Kainzo Time of mute:10:30pm pst Channel:Global Reason for mute: I said "ellron is the community" Your story:I have none. Not sure how this justifies a mute I thought it was a pretty innocuous comment and not meant in a trolling way. If you took it has me 'trolling'...
  10. I_Love_Miners

    Bug Residences not expiring when theyre supposed to

    twice today I've been at residences that were set to expire at a certain time as per their '/res info' command. after the time passed when the res was set to expire, I waited for 10-15 minutes and eventually it finally became deregioned. Another residence, the lease expiry date came and went...