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  1. Danda

    Suggestion Map Feedback - Atlas

    I realise this wasn't the smoothest release and we still have things to fix/improve. But if you have any feedback on the current release please feel free to post any suggestions for ways we can improve upon what we currently have.
  2. Danda

    Bug Applications forum still mentions purchasing whitelist bypass

    The description of the applications subforum still mentions the ability to bypass the whitelist by purchasing premium. This is now false as there isn't a whitelist and hasn't been for a couple years now so I think it's about time this should get updated :P
  3. Danda

    Bug Vote rewards don't match the announcements

    A few people in chat today were saying they were receiving a larger coins reward from lucky votes than the announcement claims. The announcement said they got an extra 25c but they infact received 100c So either the rewards need to be fixed or the announcements need an update :P
  4. Danda

    Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath

    Anyone else super excited for the next expansion? They're adding 6 new acts to the game and removing the extra difficulties (play-throughs) so much story and lore content! :D https://www.pathofexile.com/oriath
  5. Danda

    Bug Trails are broken

    @Kainzo @Admins Figured I should tag you guys as this is one of the income sources for the server which is broken. Currently none of the /trail or /trails commands are working. On use there is 0 feedback in chat or any chest GUI that appears so I can't really give you any information other...
  6. Danda

    Not a Bug Rounding Errors in HP calculations

    So while working on the wiki yesterday I noticed that the HP values for max level didn't include the constitution HP bonuses so I sat down and started to calculate the correct values so I could update it and I noticed that what I was getting out the calculations wasn't matching what I was seeing...
  7. Danda

    Bug Cannot place furniture

    Currently furniture seems to be broken, I cannot place my chairs or log. I right click a block and get no error so I cannot give you much more information than that. From what I've heard from other players they get an error which is something along the lines of "needing to place it on the other...
  8. Danda

    Bug Level restrictions on regions

    In the newbie dungeon if you hit level 21 it will not kick you out of the region but instead prevent you from moving and you're now trapped inside the dungeon until you die or recall. This is especially problematic because this is a PvP zone and if they get killed by another player while...
  9. Danda

    Bug Runeblades aren't given a class weapon on switch

    When choosing your class if you pick runeblade you're not given a class weapon. I checked the Heroes class config and the MM items_heroes.yml class config has "mm items give {PLAYER_NAME} WeaponRuneBlade" But the items_heroes.yml in mythic mobs has the runeblade weapon listed as "WeaponRuneblade"
  10. Danda

    Bug EXP Sharing in the Nether

    I forgot to post this a few days ago but when mining in the nether with Piptendo during a boost I noticed that when we finally met up our exp gain dropped through the floor going from about 37.5 exp per quartz ore to about 4.6 exp split between the two of us. There seems to be something very...