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  1. Justix292

    woke_af_'s ban appeal

    wokE-Today at 3:42 PM IGN: woke_af_ Banned by: @Kainzo Time of ban: 22-01-2018 Reason for ban: Advertising Your story: Ok so this all started when a friend of mine was starting a new heroes server, he wanted some custom skills and offered money for people to code them, so I messaged all the...
  2. Justix292

    Suggestion Atlas Bloodmage

    Bloodmage, the Hemomancer Healers who have resorted into using their own blood for restorative and destructive purpose. The concept of the class Bloodmage has is unique, having the power to sacrifice it's own health for their allies, making the class party sided. Still it can stand up on it's...