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  1. spartanman118

    Bug Skirmishes Reset

    When I use smoke out of skirmish or even in it then join a skirmish the cool down doesn't reset.
  2. spartanman118

    Suggestion Backpack Stuff

    I think it would be nice to be able to place items in your /backpack such as reagents that can still be used like they were in your inventory since it is just an extension of an inventory anyways.
  3. spartanman118

    Bug Invigorate

    I've noticed that you can bind most skills to the names of people and when I try to do /bind invigorate [name] , and use it, it just comes up with the description for Invigorate.
  4. spartanman118

    Bug Plague

    I'm not sure exactly what happened but it seems like when I was plagued it was activating on and then reactivating over and over.
  5. spartanman118

    Suggestion Engineer

    First off, I was just wondering when ic's would be coming back? I would also like to address turrets. I think they're amazing but kind of useless in their current state. They take quite a bit to build which means time, along with the cool down and then only having a life span of 300 seconds...
  6. spartanman118

    Banned, was I?

    Not sure were to put this exactly but here it is. So today I hit my 1 year mark and when I pe'd for my veteran title I was told I had to go 1 year from when I was banned. My question is was I ever officially banned? I don't quite see were I was because I was always under investigation...
  7. spartanman118

    Bug Layhands

    I am currently a level 15 paladin and when I use the skill layhands it seems to only heal me for about 3 hearts.
  8. spartanman118

    [Spartanman118][Mid-July, around the 13th][Kainzo]

    IGN: Spartanman118 Banned by?: @Kainzo, @bearcat99, @Apherdite Time of ban: Mid-July Reason for ban: staff disrespect, IP sharing Your story: Basically I was with a group of people and we were displeased with the way things were going, mostly with staff. We were constantly getting harassed in...
  9. spartanman118

    Suggestion Bard's Buffs

    I'd like to suggest with the new naming of bard's skills the announcement of the buffs should change. This would make it easier to know the difference between wisdom and mana song, or might and war song.
  10. spartanman118

    Spartanman118 [7/22/12]

    IGN: Spartanman118 Muted by who: Brutalacerate Time of mute: 11:45 Reason for mute: Spam Your story: I was intentional using the new lottery system to spam. I made key binds to mass click the command to spam buy tickets from 1-3 at a time. I understand what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have...