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  1. GaidenFocus

    For the Zeal Vets

    Zeal was a fun map. I went from living under a hill, to having a Kingdom with some of the most awesome people on the map! Good times.
  2. GaidenFocus

    Glad you made it, some fun shit!

    Glad you made it, some fun shit!
  3. GaidenFocus

    ALERT Minecraft 1.5.2 is here! Don't update!

    Don't tell me what not to do.
  4. GaidenFocus

    Game of Thrones MMO

    All games suck these days really. =(
  5. GaidenFocus

    Game of Thrones MMO

    Yea I never heard of it until I saw the show. Didn't even know it was a book until halfway through season 1. As long as I can be a midget I don't care what it is called.
  6. GaidenFocus

    Game of Thrones MMO

    Hopefully this game is not just a re-textured cloned of the other 40 dead MMOs out there.Kainzo - That is a very good question to which I do not know the answer.
  7. GaidenFocus

    Game of Thrones MMO

    I have no idea if this game will be worth anything at all, but if it is, we definitely need to get a HC team on there to rule them all. http://www.gameofthronesmmo.com/
  8. GaidenFocus

    Who is Your Favorite Player That Doesnt Play Anymore?

    We might get back on one day, maybe this summer? kevinlive tigobitties123(Alt)
  9. GaidenFocus

    What map did you start on?

    Zeal was my first map, and was the most fun i've had with Minecraft. The SSS (sorry sacks of shit) wars against Danda and his band of derps!
  10. GaidenFocus

    Suggestion Relics

    Yea that's kind of what i wanted. The relic needs to be desirable enough to cause a map wide war