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  1. MrAwesomeShadow

    Bug Blacksmith Repair not repairing

    /skill repair only visually repairs an item but once an instance of durability use is inflicted, it returns to its previous durability. Oh, and it was suggested I tag you, @MysticMight
  2. MrAwesomeShadow

    Suggestion [General]Region Abuse Consequence

    From what I've seen, many people have been complaining about the enforcement on region abuse. As stated on the rules, it is said that Region Abuse is definitely illegal and will result in a ban for the player who have done it. I, along with a few other players, would like to know how extreme...
  3. MrAwesomeShadow

    Suggestion [OP]Necromancers

    Well everyone is complaining about other classes that they think are OP, and I have my opinion. I think NecromancersWell are Op from the damage output they can easily make along with their signature skill, drainsoul. I mean honestly, this skill is a bit too powerful as it raises the power (and...
  4. MrAwesomeShadow

    Suggestion Fix to Stamina Costs?

    As I've noticed, may people seem to complain about the stamina costs. I have an idea on how to fix this, and hopefully it gets implemented. I'll try to keep it short, and comment what you think about it. As you level up, the stamina regeneration gets quicker. or As you level up, the stamina...
  5. MrAwesomeShadow

    Bug Deconstruct Fail.

    From a recent urge, I wanted to deconstruct a stone shovel, but I received the message that says "You cannot Deconstruct Stone_Shovel!" I don't understand why I cannot, since I am a level 44 Smith and I'm sure that I should be able to do this...
  6. MrAwesomeShadow

    Bug Kill Awarding

    When people jump off to their death after you were attacking, it no longer awards you the kill, but instead gives Fall damage the kill.
  7. MrAwesomeShadow

    Maybe not, maybe so.

    There could possibly be plans for my family to go have a trip for about 2 weeks and I don't think I can get on at that certain time period. Though nothing is set in stone, it's better safe than sorry. So yeah, if I'm not as active as before, that's the deal. Cya soon! Or not... Some people who...
  8. MrAwesomeShadow

    Suggestion Dreadknight Buff

    I know some of you are thinking just from the topic of this title that you'd probably disagree with me in this...I mean many many many people believe that Dreadknight is either a broken or OP class. I've seen your point with the power of Harmtouch and...probably empathy. Those are pretty much...
  9. MrAwesomeShadow

    Resolved Poison Arrow Bugged?

    From my recent duels with some rangers in this server, when they used poison arrow and landed a shot on me, I instinctively use BecomeDeath to prevent the poison damage from running.apparently, this didn't work as there was no signs of actual poison (i.e. the hearts didn't turn green). There is...
  10. MrAwesomeShadow

    [Whitelisted] MrAwesomeShadow-Application

    In-game name: MrAwesomeShadow Location & Age: USA, CA & 13 years of age Previous Bans (Includes other servers): Nope I have never been banned; I am a clean Minecrafter! :D Referral(s): N/A Reason you should be accepted: I should be accepted, because I have a decently vast experience in Minecraft...