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  1. Jasquan

    Suggestion Give Farmers the ability label Name Tags

    Pretty much what the title says. I feel like it would be super cool if farmers could label name tags since Anvils aren't in-game. Also having named animals around would be cool
  2. Jasquan

    Billy the Donkey

    This thread is dedicated to Billy the Donkey, @WitchOnaRampage's fantastic donkey. He's a happy specimen, and he lives free on the farm. He is also very photogenic, and allowed me to take a few pictures to share with y'all. If anyone kills Billy the Donkey, I will find out where you live and...
  3. Jasquan

    Bug Teleporting to Hub after typing

    Using the HeroModPack, ( hc.to/modpack ) if you type a message -just- reaching the threshold for one message (one letter before it shows 2 on the right-side of the chat), you'll teleport back to hub. I have no idea -why- it's happening, but it is.
  4. Jasquan


    I just began wondering - how many - if any - play Maplestory here on Herocraft..? Also, if anyone plays maplestory, where do they play? :) (Since I'm danish I'm on the european version of maplestory, but if any of you other guys play this, it'd probably be on global :/ boohoo for being european...
  5. Jasquan

    Internet and stuff! :>

    Yeah, so because of the power of the internet, and my schools net being buggy for me, and me alone for some reason, I can't really actually do ANYTHING on my computer. I can use skype. That's all I can do internet-wise on my computer, meaning I won't be on HC for at while, perhaps not even at...
  6. Jasquan

    This is why no drugs.

    Never. EVER. Do drugs while on Quake PRO.
  7. Jasquan

    Bug Doing /hero tools while being disc...

    Whenever I do /hero tools while being a disciple I cannot see anything but fist/fishing rod of my many available weapons..
  8. Jasquan

    Suggestion Sound-related skills

    Thanks to macura 's post on Kainzo 's update, I thought I should actually make a suggestion thread for it. Now I realize that people playing without sounds won't get affected by these, but yeah. Origin for my source of ideas:
  9. Jasquan

    Suggestion Future Suggestions by moi.

    Yeah. I'm totally going to make this thread. You can't do anything about it. Well, I guess the mods and over could do something about this. I hope they wont. Uhm. Let's get started on this shit, then! More shall be added.
  10. Jasquan

    Suggestion Ranger Mobility Skill?

    Okay, so I saw someone wanted a Ranger mobility skill, and I brainstormed this one up. I don't know if this would work, and I'd like some insight from some other players to see what they think. If it dosen't work, I had another idea that would do pretty much the same, but use bow/arrow. I'd...