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  1. Dwarfers

    Suggestion TNT Minecart

    With the addition of TNT working in Herocraft. @STDs4YouAnd4Me and a few others have seen TNT Minecarts as something that could be added to Herocraft. It could be used defensively by towns and whatever else people think of. I think it would be cool to have it...
  2. Dwarfers

    Bug Backpack Death

    When I die the items in my backpack aren't being stored in my deathchest. They just vanish. I've checked how much room I had in my deathchest with the amount of items I got back and at least 18 more slots of items could have fit. I lost a lot of stuff due to this.
  3. Dwarfers

    Guide Application - Dwarfers

    Minecraft IGN: Dwarfers Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 20|Arizona Mountain Time How long have you been on Herocraft?: Since Dec. 21, 2011. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I have previously held the guide position and know what is required of me. I took a break from it...
  4. Dwarfers

    Resolved Town Not Producing Lava Stained Silver

    As the title states, my town hasn't been producing any lava stained silver for nearly 2 weeks. I haven't had the motivation to play and have been doing other things and thought it was something that would have been noticed by now. I guess not. My town is Valgirn and is currently a Tier IV -...
  5. Dwarfers

    Balance Team App: Dwarfers

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: Dwarfers / 19 2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester): Tester 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Since December 2011. 4. What's your favorite class/path?: I enjoy most classes, but I'll list a couple: Paladin, Bloodmage, Alchemist, Caster...
  6. Dwarfers

    Suggestion buff dragoon

    buff dragoon
  7. Dwarfers

    Uncharted Waters Online

    Uncharted Water Oline - MMORPG Been getting into this again. It is a bit of an older game, but still is making a lot of great stuff. The idea is that you go through the adventure, merchant, and/or battle schools and explore the world in what I think is like the 15th or 16th century right as the...
  8. Dwarfers

    Bug Lava Fire Tick

    So, I noticed that if you place lava, get fire ticks from it, then remove the lava, the fire ticks will be gone. This doesn't seem intended since normally fire ticks would stay even after the lava is removed.
  9. Dwarfers

    Suggestion Traveling The Map

    So, as many of you know there are herogates, port, and warp available to get to spawn. I suggest that warp for professions be more costly than 3 redstone blocks. I personally would even be fine with 32 or 16 redstone blocks being the cost considering how common redstone is. Next since there are...
  10. Dwarfers

    Bug Respawning Combat Tagged

    I've noticed this has been happening a little more often. Players die and when they respawn at the graveyard are sometimes combat tagged which leads to more death if you are being camped at a graveyard. Sometimes it even happens more than twice in a row after death. Not sure if there is any fix...