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  1. Eldrylars

    Members of Paragon returning home,

    Shout out to all of LO, AD and specifically to the hundreds of players that lived worked and played their days away with us! Picture of Paragon with: Eldry, Witchy, North, Orange, Zeph, Midnight, Rumble, Josh, Kimsgrim, Oudaiesty , Duskwolf and Whale returning from a trip abroad...
  2. Eldrylars

    Suggestion Dungeon Graveyards

    With the new spread out dungeons, it can take a lot of time(+money for non donators) to get back to the dungeon, and I would like to suggest changing the graveyard placement, to either the closet graveyard to the dungeons "portal" on survival, or just creating a graveyard at the beginning of...
  3. Eldrylars

    Suggestion Custom Item Crafting Feedback and Suggestions

    Please post any feedback or suggestions regarding the custom item crafting process or items here! Any bugs with the system please use this thread: http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/custom-crafting-system-bugs.58531/
  4. Eldrylars

    Bug Custom Crafting System bugs

    Please report here if you find any bugs with the items or process while crafting custom items.
  5. Eldrylars

    Bug New items, enchants fail to stack.

    Working items from the old overworld/dungeons that I have to test: The options from these items stack. Fallen Gold Armor Dwarven Ringmail Tunic Gleaming Gold Helmet Tarnished Steel Boots Non working items: The options from these items do not stack. Cape of Midnight Mist Kobold-Hide Boots...
  6. Eldrylars

    Suggestion To kill a new player camper,

    @Kainzo @Admins @Balance Team Everyone knows it happens, a lot. There is no great way to avoid it with the systems we have right now, but with a little tweaking and a bit of coder time we may just be able to pull it off. Using the hours players we can dub a player a "New Player" "Youngling"...
  7. Eldrylars

    Bug Claiming Outposts is not working.

    Error is HeroTitles does not support info nodes!
  8. Eldrylars

    Alun - The Capitol of balance

    A new land emerges from the depths, a new realm reminiscent of the past. The once great castle looms in the distance, a beacon of hope for the fragmented people of the land. Sistered to this great bastion of hope, Alun stands tall, her dual townships of Serenity and Entropia encircling the...
  9. Eldrylars

    Event App: Eldrylars

    === Event Application === Minecraft IGN: Eldrylars Position applying for: Event Team Age|Timezone: Elderly:EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 3.5 years Why do you think you would make a good event team member?: Players with a drive to expand and enhance the experiences of the other...
  10. Eldrylars

    Mod App: Eldrylars

    === Mod Application === Minecraft IGN: Eldrylars Position applying for: Moderator Age|Timezone: EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 3.5 years My Moderator application is being presented to boost that which I have already spent so much time in the past working on, and that's my ability...