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  1. Rihawk_

    Bug Town Ranks

    Hey, so when I try to use for example /town demote Rihawk_ second-in-command, it fails and says "That user already has that rank". To me that seems as if it's trying to promote the player even though the command is demote. So yeah, /town promote and /town demote seem to do the same thing I guess?
  2. Rihawk_

    Suggestion Make SiC's Great Again

    Hey, so I've noticed after playing since launch as the Second in Command of the township Ybiewen that there are quite a few things permissions-wise that prevent me from acting as SiC. Sometimes the mayor isn't available so as SiC I would think I should be able to fill the role that is missing as...
  3. Rihawk_

    Herald App: Rihawk_

    Minecraft IGN / Age: Rihawk_ / 18 Position applying for: Herald How long have you been on Herocraft?: Registered since April 2013, HC addict since October 2015 Timezone (please use GMT if out of US): PST (GMT -7 or -8 I believe) What are your areas of expertise?: Well, talking to people is cool...
  4. Rihawk_

    Suggestion Online staff thingy

    So I just had a thought. There has been quite a few times where I've seen in chat people asking if there are any mods online or whatever, looking for someone who can answer their question/help them out with something. My idea is to somehow incorporate something so they dont have to ask 5 times...
  5. Rihawk_

    Mod App: Rihawk_

    Minecraft IGN: Rihawk_ Position applying for: Mod Age|Timezone: 18 | PST How long have you been on Herocraft?: Technically 3 years, just became eligible for my Elder Title on April 10th, but I never truly got involved or invested in the server until October 2015. Why do you think you would make...
  6. Rihawk_

    Suggestion Questing Title?

    This is just a random thought as I have been dungeoning a ton the past couple weeks to master disciple (and transcendent, both of which I accomplished :D) It could be cool to be able to unlock a title after earning a certain amount of quest points or something like that. I don't know what the...
  7. Rihawk_

    Any Chivalry fans?

    Any other chivalry fans amongst you herocrafters pumped for Torn Banner Studios' newly announced game, Mirage: Arcane Warfare? I know I am. Just imagine it, cutting off limbs and shooting fireballs at people to knock off their limbs. Check it out! http://www.miragearcanewarfare.com/
  8. Rihawk_

    Suggestion 3rd Person mod

    Just throwing it out there somebody should make a small mod to make the 3rd person camera adjustable or to just move it so it has a more rpg-ish over the shoulder kinda vibe to it. I realize that there was a mod for this called the shoulder surfer mod, but... the owner f that one hasn't updated...
  9. Rihawk_

    Bug Party Roll items not recieved

    http://prntscr.com/9zzk3w As seen in the above screen shot 5 items were dropped from the boss, but only 3 of them were distributed to the party. Nobody got the tome fragment or the tiny soul shard. This screenshot was taken a couple minutes after, while we were waiting for the boss to respawn...
  10. Rihawk_

    Suggestion Creative Unclaim?

    EDIT: nvm about plot unclaim. there is plot delete, however, it doesnt mention anywhere in the help that you can I dont think. I didnt see it at least. Also, i think there was another suggestion about it but /plot visit isnt available yet either