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  1. Delta788

    Architect App: JenksLaw (Now Jenk)

    @JenksLaw I see you bumped this, do you have any recent creations, and are you familiar with the 1.18 block pallet?
  2. Delta788


    Just a quick update, we ran into some last-minute issues that we need the weekend to finish working on. We have moved Launch to the following. June 1st 8pm CT = 3 day early access (buy it here @ https://hc.to/store) June 4th 8pm CT = Full release date for everyone! Sorry for any...
  3. Delta788

    Ready for launch!

    Ready for launch!
  4. Delta788


    That's right ladies and gentlemen the time has come, LAUNCH TIME, on the LATEST Minecraft version (1.18.2.) It's been a MASSIVE time in the making. We hope you enjoy it and as we draw closer we wanted to give you guys a heads up to prepare and get your friends together. Remember, Herocraft is...
  5. Delta788

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Done, to login use your new name =)
  6. Delta788

    ALERT Beta Patch Notes:

    I just wanted to give you guys a small update on some of the things we have fixed on the test server that will be pushed to beta if not already... Heroes and Professions related: Black Smith - Skill Repair - only working on client-side has been fixed, it now functions server-side as well...
  7. Delta788

    Bug Gold Exchange

    I'll hop on tonight after work and see if I can fix it for you guys, any towns that got removed let me know and I'll see about some compensation.
  8. Delta788

    Bug Gold Exchange

    I was under the impression @Kainzo fixed this already...
  9. Delta788

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    Okay, so I've had @werwew19 change the config values, please mess around with the new values and give some feedback! Old: New: These reflect the changes made value-wise.
  10. Delta788

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    We will be taking your feedback into consideration, and reduce the number of lapis required for the enchanter. We have had this debate, several times in our staff discussions, Currently, we all agreed that it would/will only be ONE kind of requirement this was to reduce the complexity of the...