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  1. Trazil


    Yes, it's worth it to lurk the forums in hope that you will eventually see that the players that have actually been dedicated to your server for YEARS are asking for a change. We want what we once had to come back, not in the exact form it once was but in the correct direction. You are...
  2. Trazil


    There is so much I want to say and probably should but I just don't think it's worth it anymore :(
  3. Trazil


    Ok... so I guess it's time for me to write my thoughts on this subject, It's 2am here so cut me some slack on any spelling errors or whatever. Alright, so I joined the server in 2013, so it's been 5 years. I came to the server for PvP with the Heroes plugin after the previous server I played...
  4. Trazil

    5 years...

    5 years...
  5. Trazil

    ALERT Community Update

    Honestly imho I don't think this is the correct move, there are plenty of servers that do already offer PvE content but this PvP that HC had provided was something special. When there is healthy PvP there is constant content that is not stale. I've been away for a long time, mostly due to irl...
  6. Trazil

    Return next map

    Tbh, idk. I went inactive for a very long time to deal with life. Then once I got back I was going to start recording class guides and things with my little bit of free time, but I heard there was a revamp of a lot of things soon so I decided to wait. Didn't want things to become outdated right...
  7. Trazil

    State of PVP

    Go look at Albion where your gear and shit actually matters. Also, if there is still that ore regen map wide get rid of it. When I suggested regenerating ores I meant in a small zone somewhere with PVP on to be a contested hotspot to grind materials.
  8. Trazil

    Return next map

    I'll give it a go, actually record videos once everything is revamped so they are not outdated and maybe make a town for some newer players. Been recording albion with obs while a little while, so when hc resets I'll be ready.
  9. Trazil

    Hmm 4 years. Nice I guess.

    Hmm 4 years. Nice I guess.
  10. Trazil

    Albion Online

    The game will wipe in 1 month (people are thinking towards the end of March) so anyone that wants to start fresh now is the time! Got about 10-15 people playing from hc and the rest of our group has at least 30 people that are coming back.