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  1. lcmoe14

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Can someone find out my supporter tier and add my badge? @Admin
  2. lcmoe14

    Village Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak Town Rules Center Town Rules: Please read the HC Rules at a minimum! hc.to/Rules Town Rules/Mechanics: Follow all the rules of the Herocraft server. Please note that you would be joining a community. Build restrictions - Do not build outside your plot limits and Do not dig into...
  3. lcmoe14

    Village Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak Citizen application: Town Member Application: Crystal Peak is recruiting!!, If you are interested please fill out application and PM lcmoe14 You will need to create a profile on HC website! Highlight and Copy this app, create a new post, paste this into the post, and fill in the...
  4. lcmoe14

    ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

    Will towns in New Atlas be destroyed? Just noticed that this was an old post brought back to life!!
  5. lcmoe14

    Village Crystal Peak

    If you are looking for a place, let me know, I am accepting new players to my town. I am still in the building stage, will be working on areas for players to have their own space where they can store items and have a secure area.
  6. lcmoe14

    Village Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak )o^o( Settlement )o^o( Ice Mountain Biome COMMUNITY INFORMATION Crystal Peak was created in the cold bitter terrain, it is the icy heart, part of the surrounding biome. Legend has it that a fallen hero died at the center of this spot in the bitter cold and the heart for was...
  7. lcmoe14

    Bug smaller backpack in the nether

    Is there a reason backpacks are smaller when you go to the nether? I have the 2nd lvl of backpack and only one row shows up when i go to the nether to gather items.
  8. lcmoe14

    Bug Way points in the nether

    I tried to make way points in the nether, the event is not being saved, is there a reason? i have old points that are still showing up, but can not create new ones!
  9. lcmoe14


    reserved 2
  10. lcmoe14