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Townships exist to create a safe haven for communities of players where they can live and function as a miniature society.

  • Townships can only be created on the "Haven" and "Shrine" maps. Players can be a member of a town on each of the maps.
  • Township sizes range from Hamlet through Town and City to Capital.
  • Groups of 3 to 4 townships, including at least 1 capital, can create Kingdoms.

Township rules:

  • Townships must remain "active" to retain their status. This is determined by the township paying its town tax and maintaining an minimum active citizen count.
  • Town taxes are automatically withdrawn from the Town Bank once a week on the anniversary of the town's creation. Townships which miss their payments twice will be considered inactive and marked for deletion. If a tax payment is missed, town members can contact Staff to arrange for the payment to be made and the tax payment record to be reset.
  • Town members who have not logged in for 14 days will be automatically removed from the town's member list (but NOT from regions). Time since last login is checked every 15 minutes. When the town's membership count falls below the minimum required for the town's size, a warning notice will be sent. Regions will automatically be removed if the minimum membership is not reestablished within 7 days from the time the warning was generated.
  • Town walls must have aesthetic design. Cobble boxes are not acceptable. Town walls may be no more than 30 blocks high. Staff will discuss non-compliant walls with town owners, and will remove or lower the walls if agreement can't be reached.


  • Towns will automatically receive an in-game chat channel. The channel name will be the town name with the first three letters of the town name as the nickname. Town members will be automatically joined to the channel.
  • Townships can maintain a profile and can recruit via a Township thread at the Herocraft Online Forums if they wish to.
  • Townships can request a short link to their Forums recruiting thread by petitioning in-game. The short link is in this format:[townname]
  • Towns are allowed their own Teamspeak channel (with up to 2 sub-channels), facilitating communication between township members. The Township owner can request for these channels to be set up by petitioning in-game or by contacting a Herocraft Online Admin.
  • Many towns choose to have an Alignment as a way to describe their player base, although they are not required to do so.
  • Townships are encouraged to record their lore on a Township page in the Wiki.


These are the stages:

  1. CHARTER the township
  2. CREATE the township in principle (as a Hamlet)
  3. CLAIM the township's site
  4. UPGRADE the township's size

CHARTER the township

  • Use this command:
/town charter create [town name]
  • This step is free.
  • Creating a town charter is not limited by the cap on the number of towns.
  • You will need 5 signatures on the charter before you can move toward creating the township. Gather signatures on your charter by having your future town members do this command:
/town sign [town name]
  • Your future citizens cannot be members of other towns. (Administrators cannot join towns or count towards the citizen count.)
  • To check on the status of your town charter, or to cancel your town charter, use:
/town charter [list|remove] [town name]

CREATE the township

Very occasionally, when the /town create command is given it can be bugged
and set the rank of all the town's citizens to NONE. Check your citizen list!
If a problem occurs, lodge a petition to have it fixed.

  • Township creation is limited by a town cap which limits the number of towns that can be created.
  • Township creation costs 2000 souls which is taken from the Mayor's personal bank when the creation command is used.
  • Use the command:
/town create
  • When the town is created, so is its Town Bank.
  • Weekly taxes (at the Hamlet rate) will be automatically withdrawn from the Town Bank, starting one week after the time of the town's creation.

CLAIM the township's site

  • Check that your town will be situated far enough from other towns. The server will prevent towns being created closer than 350 blocks between two township centers.
  • Town claiming costs an additional 5000 souls as well as the item costs for Hamlet. These must be deposited in the Town Bank, and will be withdrawn when the town region is created.
  • To claim the town's site, the owner must stand in the center of the proposed town site and use the following command to create the region:
/town claim

UPGRADE the township's size

  • Each upgrade has associated currency and item costs. These items and souls must be deposited in the Town Bank, and will be withdrawn when the town is upgraded.
  • All townships must pass through every stage to advance and must pay/meet the associated requirements for each tier. Towns cannot skip a township size or avoid the costs of upgrading through the intermediate stages.
  • The town's size is upgraded from the center of the existing region. The town upgrade command can be issued by Owners, Successors and Managers.
  • Following an upgrade, town tax continues to be due on the weekly anniversary of the town's creation. (Correct as at 5 Feb 2014, but may change to anniversary of upgrade date at some stage.)
  • To upgrade to the next township size, use the command:
/town upgrade


  • Players may be residents in multiple townships, but they may only be an official citizen in one. You can only have one home!
  • A town may not expand beyond its protected land and claim the benefits of township over the area outside the township limits.

Township Shapes and Sizes

Township polygon shape.jpg

Townships are many-sided polygons which are effectively circular in shape. Town regions extend from bedrock to sky limit.

Township sizes are described as a radius in blocks out from the center block:

  • a SMALL/Hamlet-sized town has a radius of 75 blocks (36 points)
  • a MEDIUM/Town-sized town with a radius of 100 blocks (50 points)
  • a LARGE/City-sized town with a radius of 125 blocks (64 points)
  • a HUGE/Capital-sized township with a radius of 150 blocks (100 points)

Status Hamlet Town City Capital
In Charge Mayor Count/ Countess Duke /Duchess Viceroy/Vicereine
Radius (blocks) 75 100 125 150
No. Points/Sides 36 50 64 100
Maximum subregions 20 30 40 50
Maximum number of citizens 30 60 120 250

Costs to maintain

Status Hamlet Town City Capital
Weekly tax (souls) 400 500 600 1000
Minimum active citizen count 5 10 20 40
Minimum active citizen count
changing to
5 10 15 25

Costs to set up

Status Hamlet Town City Capital
Currency To CREATE:
2,000 Souls
(from Mayor's bank)

5,000 Souls
(from Town's bank)
15,000 Souls
25,000 Souls
50,000 Souls
Mineral items 500 Coal
10,000 Cobblestone
30 Diamond Block
100 Gold Block
125 Iron Block
100 Obsidian
500 Brick
100 Clay Brick
2,000 Coal
30,000 Cobblestone
200 Diamond Block
50 Emerald Block
500 Glowstone
250 Gold Block
100 Ice
500 Iron Block
100 Moss Stone
50 Mossy Stone Brick
300 Obsidian
10,000 Stone
200 TNT
500 Brick
150 Clay Brick
2,500 Coal
40,000 Cobblestone
250 Diamond Block
75 Emerald Block
1,000 Glowstone
300 Gold Block
150 Ice
500 Iron Block
125 Moss Stone
75 Mossy Stone Brick
350 Obsidian
20,000 Stone
250 TNT
500 Brick
150 Clay Brick
3,500 Coal
50,000 Cobblestone
300 Diamond Block
100 Emerald Block
1,500 Glowstone
500 Gold Block
150 Ice
750 Iron Block
150 Moss Stone
100 Mossy Stone Brick
500 Obsidian
20,000 Stone
250 TNT
Organic items 25 Bookshelf
20 Cookie
1,250 Oak Log
50 Pumpkin
10 Steak
1,000 Wheat
250 Bookshelf
1,000 Cactus
500 Cooked Fish
500 Cooked Porkchop
25 Golden Apple
5,000 Oak Log
100 Pumpkin
300 Bookshelf
1,250 Cactus
500 Cooked Fish
500 Cooked Porkchop
25 Golden Apple
7,500 Oak Log
250 Pumpkin
350 Bookshelf
1,500 Cactus
500 Cooked Fish
500 Cooked Porkchop
50 Golden Apple
10,000 Oak Log
500 Pumpkin
Special items

Work in progress as
special items are being
investigated, 16 Feb 2014
5 Enchanted Rawhide Scraps
5 Soul Catalyst
5 Soulweave Cloth
5 Mana Shards
5 Moonstone Ingot
5 Peridot
5 Sapphire
10 Badge of Loot Finding
10 Enchanted Rawhide Scraps
10 Soul Catalyst
10 Soulweave Cloth
10 Mana Shards
10 Moonstone Ingot
10 Peridot
10 Sapphire
20 Badge of Loot Finding
20 Enchanted Rawhide Scraps
20 Soul Catalyst
20 Soulweave Cloth
20 Mana Shards
20 Moonstone Ingot
20 Peridot
20 Sapphire
25 Badge of Loot Finding
30 Enchanted Rawhide Scraps
30 Soul Catalyst
30 Soulweave Cloth
30 Mana Shards
30 Moonstone Ingot
30 Peridot
30 Sapphire


  • Brick = blocks of red bricks
  • Clay brick = individual red bricks
  • Golden apple = unenchanted golden apples